Buckwheat Pancakes


Ooh Aah 1 and cousin QPat’s Ooh Aah admiring how warm the Thermoserver keeps pancakes

While in Sydney there was a request from host niece for buckwheat pancakes for breakfast.  Buckwheat has a pronounced savoury flavour, so I found her request refreshing.  She has previously been known to be a little particular with food and wary of trying new things. The fact that she prefers buckwheat over regular white flour pancakes as well as a love of lemon tarts (no chocolate or meringue please Aunty!) might just mean she is of a discerning palate rather than just a fussy eater.  I have found this with several fussy eaters.  It often ends up being a textural or flavour preference as they grow out of the food/control resistance they might put up as toddlers.

Anyhoo, my sister and I set to work to make breakfast for the various children tumbling about in the next room. We were after a more crepey result than the American style fat stodgy pancakes that look more impressive but make you regret eating them halfway through the second one.  How anyone eats a stack of them I don’t know.

I toyed with a couple of recipes, the one in the Everyday Cookbook and one on Forum Thermomix.  I doubled the latter recipe and added some plain flour to take away a little of the strong buckwheaty flavour.  So with a bit more tweaking I came to the following recipe.

First take 100g of your wholegrain buckwheat, grind to a flour as the Thermomix so satisfyingly does for 30 seconds at Speed 9.  Now add 100g of plain flour (or if you are preferring a gluten free option, use 100g gluten free cornflour), 2 teaspoons baking powder, 1 tablespoon of sugar (or not, especially if you are going to drown them in honey or maple syrup), 2 eggs, 40g oil or butter and 500g milk.  Mix for 10 seconds on Speed 5, scrape down sides, fire up crepe pan with a smudge of butter melting in the middle.  Or just your regular frying pan if you aren’t Niles from Frasier.

Pour straight from the Thermomix jug into appropriate sized circles on the heated pan and wait for bubbles.  When bubbly on top and not too runny flip over for not very much time.  Check underside has browned a little then toss into Thermoserver to keep warm.  All pancake making means first one is a bit weird, which usually means the chef gets to eat it.  This recipe makes around 15 mid sized thin pancakes which was enough to feed our 5 tiny people and a couple of wandering husbands snacking on them while our backs were turned.

Serve with maple syrup, honey, lemon and sugar, blueberries, strawberries, banana, basically whatever is at hand and will get eaten by the little munchkins.  You can always get fancy and puree some blueberries and add to the pancake mix.  Just add a little more flour to make up for the extra liquid.  Blue pancakes are usually received quite well.  I did read a recipe that suggested pureed beetroot.  I’m sure they tasted lovely but they looked like congealed blood clots in the accompanying photo.  Maybe one to save for Halloween.

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