Bakey Beans

I continue to explore new breakfast options and this one not only makes a great breakfast, but is my husband’s favourite at any time of day with eggs, or sausages or just some buttery toast.  You will never go back to tinned baked beans again after you have tried Thermomix baked beans.

I’ve tried a couple of baked beans recipes for the Thermomix and they all work really well, its just a matter of adjusting for taste and texture.  If you like a hot and spicy number add some fresh chilli at the beginning or tabasco sauce.  If you like it with a tangier taste splash some vinegar in.  If you want your beans mushy soft add a few more minutes to the cooking time.

This one is mainly based on Quirky Jo’s recipe, but also takes a little from a Recipe Community contribution because that is the first baked bean recipe I tried.  Quirky Jo’s version has a delectable sweetness, the recipe community one has a fresh taste because of the herbs.

2013-11-26 19.29.06

First, choose your bean.  Cannellini beans work very nicely, but you can mix it up with some kidney beans or your four bean selection.  3x 400g cans of beans, drained, will make a good amount for 4-6 or for enough leftovers for breakfasts during the week.  If you are using dried beans you need to plan ahead.  Soak them for a day beforehand and then cook them in the steamer basket for 45 minutes (as per the recipe community baked beans recipe – see tip) prior to commencing this recipe.  

Next, put a peeled, halved onion into the bowl with 2 peeled cloves of garlic and a long red chilli, halved and chop 3 seconds on Speed 5.  Scrape down the sides then add 20ml oil and sauté for 2 minutes on 100 degrees.  Insert the butterfly.

Add the drained beans, 400g fresh or canned tomatoes, a tablespoon of veg stock concentrate, 70g tomato paste, 100ml of water (MCful), big handful of fresh parsley or basil or a mix of both, 40g sugar (you can use around this amount of any sweetener, e.g., golden syrup, honey – I used 20g raw sugar and 20g treacle because that is what I had in the cupboard), salt and pepper to taste.  Cook for 20 minutes on 100 degrees at Speed 1 with MC off.  There isn’t much splatter so the steamer basket probably won’t be needed on top, but you can put it there just in case.  Test seasoning and texture of beans.  If beans still a little too al dente cook for a further 3-4 minutes (this may be the case with the dried beans).  Cooking a few more minutes will also reduce the sauce further, so do this if you feel its not thick enough.  Serve topped with chopped fresh parsley.

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