Ooh Aah 1 in repose

Ooh Aah 1 in repose

This is a blog about cooking.  Sometimes cooking with the aid of a Thermomix as I am an owner, a fan, a one time employee and current consultant for the TM6.

I also work and play with two not so little monkeys who drive me crazy, make me laugh and keep me permanently questioning my life choices.  I occasionally let them help in the kitchen.  But only if they have washed their hands.  And follow the no sneezing, licking, coughing rule.

Food is the topic most on my mind.  I have a more savoury than sweet palate.  I love trying new recipes and tend not to repeat a recipe I have conquered.  My sister also blogs and owns a Thermomix.  She posts some great recipes and some funny musings.  Read her stuff at mutteringhousewife.com.

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