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Crunchy Fish

Dinner is a subject on my mind most of my waking hours.  It is my favourite meal of the day, so from the morning of a world of opportunities to the afternoon of waning energy resources to the evening practicalities of what is on hand, it is the main concern of my day.  Sure, others are curing cancer and taking care of the disadvantaged.  I am trying to create the perfect meal.

Image A popular one in our house is crunchy fish.  I’ve never really liked fish fingers or any precrumbed thing you might find at the shops.  They never live up to their potential.  I had a lovely relationship with the mother of my first boyfriend and she was a brilliant cook.  Her chicken schnitzel was beyond compare and I think I have been chasing its magnificence ever since.

In my mind there is only one way to crumb.  You must make your own breadcrumbs.  Its dead easy and it uses up stale bread.  I toast some stale bread, chuck it in a food processor, toss in some parmesan, parsley and peppercorns if I’m feeling fancy and Bob is your great uncle (even though his real name is Joseph).  If you are doing fish I recommend using orange roughy.  I don’t know if it has other names.  I have asked my fishmonger his recommendations for a good frying fish.  He said cod.  WRONG!!  Ignore anyone saying it is cod.  It is not.  Orange roughy produces a lovely succulent flakiness even after the harsh treatment of being coated in corn flour then egg then breadcrumbs and tossed into a frying pan of hot oil.

Its popular with children and adults alike. And as far from a fish finger as you can imagine.

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